Bob Woodhouse Time Attack Viper

Bob Woodhouse used our best practices consulting service to help solve some of the aero issues on his car in a budget-friendly manner, allowing him to put substantially more performance on the table without breaking the bank. “This car prior to the changes carried a mild amount of understeer/push on corner entry/mid corner and exit. After the upgrades, holy … Continue Reading

JW Time Attack Supra

Jonathan Wong’s Time Attack Supra is the fastest Supra and Fastest RWD Clubsprint car in Australia, as proven at both World Time attack and Aus Time Attack. Despite adhering to tight Clubsprint class rules JKF was able to package a substantial Aero kit on this car, contributing towards its dominance.

Champion Motorsport

JKF worked to an extremely tight timeline to design the Aerodynamics package on the Champion Motorsport Pikes Peak Porsche. The entire car project was only conceived 6 months out from the race, with the development of the aerodynamics taking place in under a month. The car went on to win the Time Attack 1 division … Continue Reading

UNSW Sunswift – Solar Powered Car

JKF was engaged by the University of New South Wales to assist the student led project Sunswift. JKF provided mechanical engineering services, assisting with the rectification of structural and design flaws with the suspension in a short time frame. JKF also created and executed a track testing and data logging regime for vehicle sign off, … Continue Reading

AJ Hartman Aero

JKF worked with AJ Hartman Aero/RHR Performance to design the aero surfaces for a number of their ‘off the shelf’ parts, including: Rear wing endplates ‘Apex’ series of rear wings Canards Front diffusers and splitters Rear diffusers In addition to testing and aero mapping of some of their existing parts. Contact us to see how … Continue Reading

Norson Design

JKF doesn’t just do race cars. Norson Design sought JKF’s aerodynamic expertise to assist in the design of above water body shape and components for high speed racing catamarans.

MC Towing Time Attack RX7

Time attack is an aero dominated field, and the only way to claw back time once your suspension and power are sorted is with aero. JKF provided MC Towing with aerodynamic design consultancy on best practices to ensure they have a formidable platform, despite their low budget.

S.R.E. Buggy

This all new off road buggy has been constructed using aerospace design techniques to make it super light weight. As such, it is a prime choice for the implementation of aerodynamic devices. JKF has designed a complete aero kit for this buggy which provides a substantial benefit in cornering, braking and stability in mid air. … Continue Reading

Thomsen Motorsport Formula Vee

A Formula Vee that we designed a low drag bodywork and undertray setup for. With only a 16% increase in drag, we managed to up the downforce from 3.5kg at 180km/h to a whopping 195kg! Despite skepticism about the effectiveness of the kit on such a low powered vehicle, it proved its worth with a personal … Continue Reading

Time Attack 200SX

Gary Richardson used JKF to take his 200SX to the next level. In initial testing with a misfiring engine on less than half boost, wonky tyre pressures, and only a short testing session he took 2 seconds off his previous PB (set with moderate aero).