Best Practices Consulting

While CFD is one of the best development options available, sometimes it is outside the price range of amateur teams, who are often looking for a well thought out design, but without the huge pricetag. Our best practices consulting offers an introductory way of sorting out your aero package, and can often save money and time by limiting trial and error. We can consult either in person, or over Web Conferencing for international clients.

It is ideal if prior to consulting you prepare a document with detailed pictures and information of your car, images of your competitors, any rules restrictions and a list of any questions you currently have, to allow us to prepare for the consult.

Consulting Reports and Decision Guidance

We offer a consulting report service which will analyse off the shelf parts you are considering and recommend which is best. I.e. 4 different wings. For example, you can send us the options of an APR, a Voltex, a Kognition and an RHR (specific wing models), and then we make a list of pros and cons for each part and a final recommendation on which is best for your purposes, as well as highlight a few features of each product. Another example would be 4 different widebody kits. This service helps pick what off the shelf parts are right for you, and is often useful when attempting to buy from brands which are not currently well established at a high level.