Founded in 2014, JKF is an agile engineering consultancy, driven by a passion for performance. JKF leverages industry leading proprietary technologies and highly skilled engineers to deliver high quality results for a range of project budgets.

Director and Lead Aerodynamicist – Kyle Forster

Kyle returned to consulting in late 2020 after achieving a lifelong dream to work in Formula 1. As an Aerodynamicist with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team in three back-to-back World Championship years, Kyle took his 12 years of engineering study and research to the global cutting edge.

Holding a PhD in aerodynamics from the University of New South Wales, Kyle’s research has been published in multiple top-ranking engineering journals. Kyle likes to bring his research into the real world, consulting with racing teams in all manner of classes around the world. He created the popular YouTube channel ‘KYLE.ENGINEERS’ (>180K subscribers) to further motorsports education in the public domain, as well as designed, built and raced his own buggy in the NSW Off-Road Racing Championship.

Kyle founded JKF Consulting to work with ambitious motorsport teams and hobbyists looking to unlock winning gains through both proven and pioneering aerodynamic systems. Kyle will partner with you to achieve your goals, bringing you the latest international best practices while also working within tight timelines or budgets.


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