Champion Motorsport

JKF worked to an extremely tight timeline to design the Aerodynamics package on the Champion Motorsport Pikes Peak Porsche. The entire car project was only conceived 6 months out from the race, with the development of the aerodynamics taking place in under a month. The car went on to win the Time Attack 1 division at pikes peak, placing second overall and beating every class except for Unlimited despite being in the most restricted class.

While I am happy to confirm that our collaboration with JKF resulted in a victory, I think it is safe to say that our review of this team would not change irrespective of the result. But we can’t say enough about Dr Forster and the team at JKF Aero. Having approached them in the 11th hour for this project was far less than ideal. Even without knowing about his impressive resume; Dr Forster’s enthusiasm, professionalism and full-attack mentality immediately confirmed that he was going to be an absolute asset to our program. 

While Kyle was our point man, we are certain that his entire team must have played a significant role in the development of our Pikes Peak specific aero package and we can’t thank JKF enough for all of their hard work and late hours. A truly outstanding job, especially considering the 14 hour time difference during development and 16 hours during race week and testing.

Can’t begin to imagine what we could have achieved with JKF without being saddled by time constraints.

We hope to have another project for JKF to work on in the near future.

-Ben Dion, Champion Motorsport

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