Flow Vis Waiver

Please note flow vis is in high demand – not all cars may be provided for and slots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis

All services provided by JKF Pty Ltd (“JKF”) are governed by the JKF Engineering Services Terms. For full details, please visit: JKF Engineering Services Terms.

By submitting this waiver, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms regarding the application of Flow Visualisation Paint (Flow Vis) to a car:

  1. Composition & Potential Damage: Flow Vis contains various pigments and hydrocarbons. JKF is not liable for any permanent staining or material damage that may result from reactions with the paint. For instance, Flow Vis may not be removable from carbon fibre end grains.
  2. Cleanup & Restoration:
    • JKF will not be responsible for cleaning up the Flow Vis or restoring the car to its original appearance.
    • JKF is not responsible for cleaning drips and spills of Flow Vis from the garage floor.
  3. Potential Hazards: JKF is not liable for any adverse outcomes or incidents caused by the Flow Vis, including but not limited to reduced traction due to Flow Vis contact with tyres or diminished visibility from Flow Vis on windows.
  4. Media Usage: JKF reserves the right to use any images, videos, or other media captured during the application and analysis of the Flow Vis for promotional purposes, including social media, marketing, and course production. This also extends to any media of the car taken on the track or in the pits.
  5. Runplan Guidance: JKF will provide recommendations on how to maximize the effectiveness of the Flow Vis. However, JKF is not liable if the Flow Vis does not perform as expected or if lap plans are disrupted.
  6. Fumes: JKF is not responsible for any effects resulting from the fumes of the Flow Vis.
  7. Usage Recommendation: It is generally advised not to apply Flow Vis when aiming for an optimal lap performance. Specifically, avoid using Flow Vis with a new set of tyres.
  8. Liability Limitation: The maximum value that can be claimed as a result of any action or service performed by JKF is limited to AUD$10.
  9. Non-disclosure: By agreeing to these terms, you are also agree to be bound to the terms of the JKF NDA as the ‘Client’, located here: JKF NDA.

By proceeding, you confirm your understanding and acceptance of the above terms.

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